Foire aux questions

What do your services usually cost?

Because every job is different, the cost varies. However, you can get an idea of what to expect by taking a look at this page. Don’t miss our coupons for additional savings.

Can you explain the process you use for mold remediation?

We’ve developed a detailed overview to help you understand how we work. Take a look at our process page to learn more.

Can you take care of mold-damaged furnishings and personal items?

We use an extensive array of techniques that allow us to restore most furniture and personal belongings. Read about the details of our industry-proven methods on our this page.

Do you need special equipment for mold remediation?

We tackle mold damage with specialized techniques and the most advanced tools of the trade. Learn more about our complete cleaning capabilities and high-tech repair arsenal at our mold remediation equipment page.

Can you recover fire-damaged furnishings and belongings?

Our certified technicians use a variety of industry-proven techniques that enable us to take special care of personal belongings. Learn more here.

Can I see examples of your previous projects?

Absolutely! We’re proud to show you what we do. Take a look at our frozen burst pipes case study as an example of our restoration capabilities.

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