Hello there!


 I’m Marion, a young french graphic designer passionate about visual arts and illustrations.


After a five years degree in graphic design and multimedia, I’ve decided to purchase my life course in a communication agency based in Marseille.

I had the chance to grown up in Reunion Island for ten years, and this long trip in the heart of the Indian Ocean offered me a high experience, rich in colors and emotions. All the tropical pattern that I add in most of my illustrations are like an allusion to my roots.

I also like to mix realism and fantastic in my work. Almost, I think that the choice of colors stays the most important part to make an image live.

I'm available for freelance. Feel free to contact me!


Last collaboration

Alain Afflelou - Instagram campaign

Delphine Rault - Book cover

Us Cosmopolitan magazine - Illustration

Wired Italia - Illustrations

City Pages magazine - Illustration Cover

MAC Arteum - Exhibition poster and flyer



Mastère Graphic design

Communication designer

Graphic and multimedia 

ESDAC I Aix-en-Provence I 2017 - 2019


BTS Graphic design

Print media

Campus La Tourrache I Toulon I 2015 - 2017 



ESDAC I Aix-en-Provence I 2014

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