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 I’m Marion,

At 25, I am a graphic designer passionate about visual arts and illustrations. I am based in the south of France. After 5 years of study and 2 years spent in a communication agency, I decided to start my own business to take the time to realize more artistic projects and be independent while traveling.

I'm available for freelance. Feel free to contact me!

Last collaboration

COSMOPOLITAN Mag. (N.Y.) - Portraits for articles

NU Restaurant (Lille) - Illustrations and Packaging

Galerie LISA (Toulon) - illustrations exhibition

Printemps (Lille) -  Painting and illustrations exhibition

CoronARTvirus - Livre caritatif ( Collab. Thibault ROY)

La revue des cahiers du Football - Portraits

Psychologie Mag.  (NL. - FR. - DU.) - Illustrations - Covers

Freelance stack - Logotype

Lille Fashion Week 2020 - Poster campaign

Acid Gallery (Lille) - Painting exhibition

Adidas Togaether (Paris) - illustrations

L'Affiche Française - Logotype / Branding

Chinese book publisher (China) - Cara Delevingne Book cover

Smizee - Patterns ( Collab. Studio Châtaigne)

Brick & Brackerie - Illustration

Alain Afflelou - Instagram campaign

Delphine Rault - Book cover - Illustrations

Wired Italia - Illustrations / magazine cover

City Pages magazine - Illustration Cover

MAC Arteum - Exhibition poster and flyer





Page Blanche

YinYan Magazine





Mastère Graphic design

Communication designer

Graphic and multimedia 

ESDAC I Aix-en-Provence I 2017 - 2019


BTS Graphic design

Print media

Campus La Tourrache I Toulon I 2015 - 2017 



ESDAC I Aix-en-Provence I 2014

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